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Sweet Summer SINGsation

The Champlain Valley Sweet Adelines invites you to be a part of our annual singing event!


September 4 - October 2 from 6-7:30pm


Do you sing in the shower? with your iPod? in church? in another community chorus?

Did you sing in college? high school? Do you enjoy harmonizing with singers like The Dixie Chicks or Carrie Underwood or Adele or Rihanna?


Are you looking for a fun night out with your girlfriends? This just might be place to be!

We expect that you will have the thrill of a lifetime as you learn to sing in 4-part harmony with the ladies of the Champlain Valley Chorus.

We expect that you might have questions about what this is all about? We'll try to answer them all here!


Do you need previous musical or singing experience to try this? NO! All you need is a love of music, a love for singing and a positive attitude!


Do you need to know how to read music? NO! Reading music can help, but it's not a requirement. Learning to sing by listening is the best way to enjoy this hobby!


When I joined the Champlain Valley Chorus I thought that because I could not read music that it would hamper my ability to perform well with the chorus, but it has not. The support and direction I have received from the veteran members has encoureged me to continue to sing while sharpening my Barbershop singing skills.

Whenever new people join our chorus, it reminds me why i joined Sweet Adelines. I love harmony, and new members inspire me to stand a little taller and sing from my heart.


What will happen in a rehearsal? The chorus director will warm up the chorus on the risers doing gentle and appropriate vocal exercises with the chorus. You will also do
a brief physical warmup to get your entire body ready to sing and perform. You will learn how to sing and perform 2 to 3 songs over the 90 minute rehearsal. This process will happen every week for 6 weeks over the summer.


Does this cost anything? NO! It's absolutely 100% FREE for your to participate in!


Sheet Music and MP3 Audio

Chapel of Love




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Contact Information

Gayle Schreiber 518-561-9578
Kathy Giroux 518-593-1924
Carla Brassard 518-643-9402

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